At Velocity Dance we believe that dance promotes self-confidence, hard work, endurance, physical fitness, respect and artistic expression. Our highly trained and passionate staff believes in using positive reinforcement and healthy competition, while focusing not only on dancer’s individual improvements but the importance of improving as well as the importance of being a “team player”. At Velocity Dance, we believe in inspiring our dancers to be the best they can be both inside and outside of the studio. Our instructors push our students to continue to express themselves and always seek out additional opportunities to learn more about themselves, their teammates, and dance.  Velocity Dance is committed to:
Educational Experiences - We provide our athletes with the most up-to-date educational experiences in the studio and on the competition floor. Our dancers are given the tools and resources from our highly-trained staff to learn more about dance and learn how to apply those skills in their everyday life.

Overall Health and Well Being - We believe that dancers are athletes and we treat them as such. Dancers are taught to appreciate their bodies, learn new exercises to improve their skills and healthy eating habits that will fuel their bodies to improve their overall health and well being.

Fostering Leadership Skills - We believe in teaching skills that will not only help our athletes succeed in the studio, but in their everyday lives. Our staff provides our dancers with leadership opportunities in a safe and encouraging environment where they can continue to grow not only as dancers but as people.

Building a Team/Family Environment - We believe that dance is a shared activity. While athletes love dance for individual reasons, their teams help them appreciate dance for all different reasons. We place the highest value on building self-esteem, improving confidence, as well as, respecting and teaching our athletes that they can accomplish so much more as a team than they ever could alone.
We aim to supplement our dancer’s education with tactile feedback, accountability, and personalized motivation. We train to remain elite competitors while remembering that we are people first and dancers second.

Mission Statement