This year we are proud to have 22 teams from Minis through Open.  Check here for updates on this season and to learn more about our teams for this year.  

Open (Ages 14+)

2018-2019 Teams

Mini Jazz

Mini Pom

Mini Hip Hop

Youth Small Jazz

Youth Large Jazz

Youth Pom

Youth Variety

Youth Small CoEd Hip Hop

Youth Large Hip Hop

Junior Jazz

Junior Small Pom

Junior Large Pom

Junior Small Hip Hop

Junior Large Hip Hop

Senior Lyrical/Contemporary

Senior Pom

Senior Hip Hop

Senior CoEd Hip Hop

Open Male Hip Hop

Open CoEd Hip Hop

Open CoEd Pom

Youth (Ages 10-12)

Senior (Ages 16-18)

Minis (Ages 6-9)

Meet Our Family

Junior (Ages 13-15)