"Battle in the Burgh" Results

Mini Prep Jazz 1st
Senior Lyrical 1st
Sm Yth Hip Hop 1st
All-Male Hip Hop 1st
Senior Jazz 3rd
Senior Variety 1st
Mini Hip Hop  3rd
Sr CoEd Hip Hop 1st and Worlds Bid 🌎
Lg Yth Hip Hop 3rd
Senior Hip Hop 4th
Junior Lyrical 1st
Youth Prep Jazz 1st
Junior Hip Hop 3rd
Youth Pom 1st
Junior Jazz 2nd
Youth Jazz 1st\
Senior Pom 1st 

We are so proud of thankful for this amazing family ❤🖤 #velocitydanceva2018 #VelociFam #FamilyFirst #SoProud

What is All Star Dance?

Velocity Dance is Virginia's highest performing all star dance program!  We are also the only program to take all of our teams to "The Summit" (highest level of competition for Mini/Youth/Junior teams) and all of our teams to "The Dance Worlds" (highest level of competition for Senior/Open teams) not only this year, but for the third year in a row!  This year we took the most teams in the DMV with six of our Senior/Open teams attending The Dance Worlds and all nine of our eligible Youth and Junior teams attending The Summit!  Big things are happening at Velocity Dance! 

Virginia's Highest Performing Program

Our All-Star dance teams are an amazing way for children of all ages to take their passion for dance to the "next level".  Competitive teams differ from our studio classes in the sense that dancers are placed on teams based by age/skill set and then learn a routine to compete throughout the season.  This routine progresses as dancers gain more skills and experience throughout the season. 

Velocity Dance offers co-ed competitive teams in the areas of Jazz, Pom and Hip Hop for all ages.  Over the season we have gained a large number of dancers from throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland who love the "team mentality" our all-star program offers.  At Velocity Dance we not only promote individual growth and successful, but we teach our athletes them importance of growing together as a team, and that as a group then can achieve so much more. 

Our coaches have been recognized on local and national levels and by the All-Star governing body, The United All Star Federation (USASF), have coached championship high school and competitive teams, served as judges at the local, state and national levels, and are members of professional dance teams in the DMV area.  We are devoted to producing a professional and competitive program while keeping a "family feel".